Top 10 Oldest Senior High School in Bono Region

October 25, 2021 |



oldest shs in bono region

The Bono Region is one of the administrative regions of Ghana, and as per the 2020 SHS Schools register, the region has about 37 public senior high schools.

In this short read, we list the top 10 oldest senior high schools in the region.

The Top 10 Oldest SHS 

Oldest SHS Schools in Bono Region
Name of School Year
Dormaa Senior High 1947 74
Sunyani Senior High 1958 63
Wenchi Meth. Senior High 1963 58
Drobo Senior High 1966 55
Berekum Senior High 1970 51
Sacred Heart Senior High, Nsoatre 1977 44
St. James Sem & Senior High, Abesim 1978 43
Nafana Senior High 1979 42
Sumaman Senior High 1981 40
Twene Amanfo Senior High/Tech. 1981 40


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Contributor: py sosu


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